Sunday, May 9, 2010

New OTBM Compilation Videos

Ultra-prolific video artist GonzoJam, who specializes in anime music videos (AMVs) and off-the-wall material, has produced two new videos for tracks off the Off The Beaten Meter compilation. Good stuff!

G3RSt: The Impossible Son of Bolero (OTBM track 1)

DJ not-I: One Love Plunge (OTBM track 13)

Videos by GonzoJam. Go give him some love on Youtube and/or check out his blog.

UPDATE: And here's an older one by Overdub (OTBM track 15)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Compilation: First Reviews & Dissemination

In only three weeks, the Off The Beaten Meter compilation has received kudos from several music blogs, despite (or perhaps because of) its non-mainstream character. Here are some selections:

...a wonderfully insane collection of mashups from an international assortment of dj/producers that have one thing in common - none of the tracks are in 4/4 time. Now this old-skool punk-rocker can have highly allergic reactions to prog, especially the Rush/Yes variety, but I found this collection to be more fun then a barrel of metronomes. It's quite a break from the usual stuff, and makes me realize how formulaic so much music is (even "strange" music).
Music for Maniacs

...the finestkind new compilation of bootlegs/mash-ups employing time signatures other than 4/4. This is where you step outside the club scene music. It's true, this collection goes to all the 'other' beat patterns. [...] These great bootleggers know them too & prove it with tunes you'll love!
Bartcop Entertainment

Picking out the crowning gem of April’s output from the mashup community was very easy thanks to the release of the incredible Off the Beaten Meter compilation. The 20-track album [...]brings together an eclectic range of mashups with one common thread - they all use unusual time signatures. What could easily have been a gimmicky collection has turned out to be one of the smartest and best produced mashup albums of recent years.
The Reborn Identity, "Best Mashups of 2010"

Thanks for these great reviews!

Also featured on Le Mix de ToToM #63 : Odd French Mixture radio show.

For more reviews and reactions, including by contributing artists, see the GYBO thread.

Off The Beaten Meter has also been listed at Mashup Hits and Mashup Charts.

And here are two new compilation pages:

Love, ~I